Ilmu dan Teknologi Pangan

Food Science and Technology


Hasanuddin University





  1. Uphold the value of humanity based on religion, ethics, morals and religious attitudes as form of piety to God Almighty.
  2. Serve as citizen who love the homeland, has nationalism, social sensitivity, responsible, law-abiding, discipline, respect the diversity of religion, tribe, culture and opinion based on Pancasila
  3. Internalizing the spirit of independence, stance, cooperation and entrepreneurship by showing a responsible attitude towards the work in the field of expertise independently.




  1. Demonstrate a comprehensive understanding on the theoretical concept and principle of food science and technology in a broad sense.
  2. Apply the principles of humanity, basic and applied science to support their expertise in food science and technology.


 Generic Skill


  1. Capable to implements logical, critical, systematic and innovative thinking in the context of developing food science and technology based on the value of humanities.
  2. Capable to analyze scientific data in the form of reports and scientific articles
  3. Capable to demonstrate independently, qualified and measurable performance in order to build and maintain networks with counselors, colleagues, peers, both inside and outside the institution and responsible for completion of assigned work
  4. Capable to make decisions appropriately in the context of problem solving in field of food technology science based on the results of information and data analysis; as well as conducting self-evaluation, documenting, rediscovering data to ensure validity and preventing plagiarism


 Specific Skills


  1. Be able to perform food chemical analysis technique by using various instruments.
  2. Be able to perform microbial analysis of foodstuffs to identify pathogenic microbes.
  3. Be able to demonstrate a good skill in handling food preservation and safety as well as waste management and processing.
  4. Be able to select current laboratory techniques in biochemical and biological evaluation of food to differentiate nutrients and functional food in relation to health.
  5. Be able to apply the principles of food science, statistic, and computer science to perform good manufacturing practices in food industry.
  6. Be able to manage business and processing of food industry.



Information Systems Seminar / Proposal Program study of Food Science and Technology

Files for Final Exam

Please download the file completeness final exam here (Prodi ITP)


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