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  Name   Dr. Ir. Mariyati Bilang, DEA
  NIP   19430717 196903 2 001
  Gender   Female
  Place & date of birth   
  Home adress   Kompleks Unhas AG-46 Tamalanrea Makassar
  Phone Number   Tel: +62-411-585422 | Mobile: +6811446177
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Graduate School Attended
  1. Hasanuddin Universitas
    • Degree : S1 (Bachelor Degree)
    • Year attended : From:  to: 1981
    • File of study : Food Science & Technology
    • Title of Thesis/Master Thesis/Dissertation : 
  2. Bourgogne University, France
    • Degree : S2 (Master Degree)
    • Year attended : From:   to: 1989
    • File of study : Food Science
    • Title of Thesis/Master Thesis/Dissertation : 
  3. Poin Care, NANCY I University, France
    • Degree : S3 (Doctor)
    • Year attended : From:  to:1995
    • File of study : Food safety
    • Title of Thesis/Master Thesis/Dissertation : 
Teaching responsibilities
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Administrative or other responsibilities 
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External Career
Research Field (grants-in-aid-for-scientific-research classification)
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Research Field keywords
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Research Project
  1. 1999 - Effect of addition binding agent to improve fish dendeng tekstur. Directorat General High Education.
  2. 2000 - Optimization of pectin extraction from Markisa shell fruit (Passifora edulis) : An effort to increase economic value markisa. Agronomic Research Management.
  3. 2000 - Characterization of Dangke processing : An exertion of developement local product. Directorat General High Education.
  4. 2002 - Overseas non degree training and research on The assessment of aroma compound fermented and non fermented cocoa beans from South Sulawesi Indonesia,
  5. 2005. Joint research Agricultural Product Technology, Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry- Hasanuddin University with INRA (Institut National de la Research Agronomique),
  6. 2002 - Qualité de produits Animaux, Lab. Flavour; Centre de Research Clermont- Ferrand, Theix, France. Sponsored by Technological and Professional Skills Development Sector Project (TPSDP) Batch II.
  7. 2001 - Improving practise knowledge and Enterpreunership in markisa industri “Anging Mammiri”. Directorat General High Education, Unhas Research Extension.
  8. 2001 - Using of separation juice and seed prototype instrument : An effort to increase the quality and efficiency on markisa fruit juice (Passiflora edulis Sims). Directorate General High Education, Unhas Research Extension.
  9. 2000 - Adaptive Research and extention MCMRP Mamuju District. The cooperation Mamuju District with Unhas Research Extension.
  10. 2003 - Adaptive Research and extention MCMRP Takalar District. The cooperation Takalar District with Unhas Research Extension.
  11. 2009 - Perbaikan Mutu”Virgin Coconut Oil” (VCO) Dengan Perlakuan Penyaringan Bertahap (2009). Nasionale Strategic research (Penelitian Strategis Nasional). Directorat General High Education, Unhas Research Center.
  12. 2009 - Upaya Peningkatan Gizi Balita Di Kecamatan Tamalate Kota Makassar- Sulawesi Selatan (2009). Directorat General High Education, Unhas Research Extension.
Research Achievement
  1. Structure of phosphopeptidomanan from flocculent and non flocculent yeast Kluyveromyces lactis. (1996). Carbohydrate Resaerch, Vol. 280, pp 305 – 313.
  2. Pengaruh Suhu Pemanasan dan Penambahan Getah Pepaya yang Telah Disimpan pada Pembuatan Dangke (2007). Priciding PATPI. 2008.
  3. Study on Noodle Making From Corn and Sago Flours (2008). Prociding SEAFAST, 2008.
  4. Study on the Effectiveness of Multilayer Filtration and The Effect of Extraction Methods On The Quality of Virgin Coconut Oil. (2008). Agritekno, First Edition, vol. 1, No. 1.
  5. The Application of Multilayer Filter To Improve The Virgin Coconut Oil Quality Produced By method Extraction Difference. (2010). Agritekno, vol. 3., No. 1.
  6. Study of Fermented Milk Cow Tofu (Fresh Cheese) By Using Lactobacillus lactis And Soaked In Brained. (2011). Proceeding of IFC (International Food Conference 2011), Surabaya October 28th – 29th, 2011.
  7. Mempelajari Suhu, Waktu Pemanasan dan Lama Fermentasi terhadap Aktivitas Enzim Sakarifikasi oleh Kapang pada Media Kulit Markisa Ungu dan Dedak Padi. (2011). Prosiding Seminar Nasional Teknik Kimia, Bandung 25 April 2012.
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Information Systems Seminar / Proposal Program study of Food Science and Technology

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