Ilmu dan Teknologi Pangan

Ilmu dan Teknologi Pangan


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ILO-1 Having a comprehensive understanding of the theoretical concept and principle of food science and technology in a broad sense (humanity, basic, and applied science) to support their expertise in food science and technology.
ILO-2 Be able to identify the microorganism in foodstuff and processed food including applying in biotechnology.
ILO-3 Having the comprehensive understanding of food waste management and food safety.
ILO-4 Be able to perform food chemical and physical analysis in supporting food quality control, and food for special health purposes.
ILO-5 Having good skill in food handling starting from harvesting, processing, and packaging, including food product development.
ILO-6 Be able to apply the principles of food science, statistic, and computer science to perform good manufacturing practices in the food industry.
ILO-7 Capable of making decision strategic in food science and technology based on scientific data and information.
IL0-8 Being a good citizen who respects the diversity based on Indonesian national ideology.
ILO-9 Capable of communicating scientific knowledge effectively orally as well as written.



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